I Met Steve Jobs in a most Unusual Way

I met Steve Jobs in a most unusual way.

His name was only a name to me until my son gave me an iPhone for Christmas in 2010. I didn’t know what all the hoopla was about until I owned a piece of his genius.  It made any other phone I’d used archaic.  By the time I actually realized he was the man who, along with the other Steve, had made the Mac computer, he had already stepped down from Apple due to sickness.

My children were in the first virtual school in North America.  We lived in Alberta, Canada and because of the Mac technology, my children got a very unique education through the internet (which was not even the internet then) to an online educational platform.  Back in the early 1990’s our home had 4 Macs, each with a dedicated phone line!  We spent a small fortune but it was worth every penny.

Yet I still had no idea who Steve really was.

Then I read a eulogy on the last day of October from a writer named Mona Simpson.  (See Eulogy tab above)  I discovered that she was the long lost sister Steve had searched years to find. When I read her words of tribute, I began to sob as I felt the passion and love, both hers for her brother and his for his family.

I decided right there and then that I wanted to meet him.  That might be a little tricky, seeing as he had already left this world. I have always believed in life beyond death, and even though my religion had made it wrong to try and contact the dead, I knew that the “dead” were alive in another realm.

Approximately three years ago, I heard of a number of scientists and quantum physicists explaining the concept of a holographic universe which also included an infinite number of parallel universes.  It intrigued me but the science was way over my head.

Last year, I heard about an 83 year old man named Burt Goldman who taught quantum jumping techniques. It is such simple meditation that a child could both do it and teach (and in fact they do teach it but most of us are not listening).

I had always tried to mediate and found it frustrating as my mind could not be emptied.  (Try not to think of a pink elephant and what happens?) Burt’s process was about guiding the mind to imagine anything it wanted to imagine, the key word being IMAGINE!  I could meet my Twin self in another dimension and talk to her about anything I wanted.  I could meet experts who were living and dead and talk to them, much like Napoleon Hill did years ago.  His tales of meeting with geniuses of another age fascinated me, but it wasn’t until last year that I discovered how magical it really is.

After reading Mona Simpson’s tribute that you can read in the pages above, I knew I had to find a way to meet him, even if it was only in my imagination!

His values were love, family, beauty and passion.  He  kept on doing what he loved, even when he appeared to lose money.  He did what he did out of an inner need to create beautiful designs and technology that would connect people to each other and he did that for my children.

I wanted to thank Steve for all he’d done for my family.  I missed that chance while he was alive and since I’ve often imagined talks with loved ones after they had died, I decided that it was never too late to attempt to express appreciation.

So I went into a quantum jump meditation to meet Steve Jobs.  I thought I might feel very intimidated, and my heart hammered as I jumped through he quantum door.  When he appeared, all nervousness vanished.  He had an open acceptance and playful manner.  After some flying lessons from Steve (a story I share in my first post) I finally asked the question.

I asked him if he would be my mentor to help me with my writing, marketing and business goals as I always ran into a glitch implementing my ideas.  He said yes!

For 30 fabulous days in November, I met Steve Jobs every morning at 11:11!  I had experiences that went far beyond what I could have imagined. I stress there that this whole process of quantum jumping is about using the tool of imagination. While meeting him felt real, I am well aware that this was my imagination, much like happens in a dream or vision or meditation.

I never expected that these would be shared publicly when I first began. In fact, I made him a promise that I would not use his name for fame or fortune.  He never threw his name around, nor would I.  I would only publish if and when his coaching had helped me move to the next level of my writing and financial goals and in this way, honor his name and memory.

The money thing began to happen for me, but I was having so much fun I didn’t notice!  By then, another purpose for these blogs became very clear, which is revealed in some later posts.  After all 30 are published, I will give updates of changes have happened in my relationships, health, career and finances.

Begin at November 1 as many of these jumps were progressive. I hope that they will inspire you to go way beyond the place you are now. A life of limitless possibilities and adventure awaits!

Note:  I did had not read his biography from Walter Isaacson until months after these posts were finished (except for a half of one page that I reference in a jump near the end of November), so I didn’t know many of the details that I saw and heard in my astral meetings.   For example, I had no idea that when Steve wanted to talk with someone, he invited them for a walk.  Months later, after reading his biography, I was delighted to realize that I was invited for a walk in our very first meeting! I did not know how many children he had. I saw four, then in one account I read that he had three. Then later, I realized he and Laurene had three together, but he had a daughter from a former relationship!

It is also extremely important for the reader to understand that I am well aware that this is all in my imagination.  I am not claiming to have met Steve Jobs in an after life.  I imagined a meeting and once I did, the pictures became so real and the information shared went far beyond what I could have imagined.  They took on a life of their own, much like authors claim with their fictional characters and very much like Napoleon HIll described in his everyday imaginary meetings with the great minds of the world – both dead and alive. These imaginary meetings blew me away and caused me to expand far beyond my former limits.

I have Mona Simpson to thank for her inspiration that led me on a fabulous journey that is still continuing.

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Following the end of these 30 days of magic, I realized that this was not the end of my days with Steve Jobs, but simply the end of 30 days.  Steve reminded me (in a dream I think) that he was still my mentor.   I decided to have at least a once a month reunion and I picked the 22nd of each month!

So far, I’ve had almost 2 years of monthly meetings. As the day approaches when I can finally say I am a published author, I am now able to get through the mountain of frustration that has stood in my way before. I am about to publish my first issue of a magazine about the power of Love on Apple’s Newsstand! I expected that my first published work would be a book and now, it will be a magazine.  I’ve had one setback after another and this time, nothing is stopping me. I know I can do this. I have Steve Jobs and a fantastic imaginary mastermind group I meet with. I also have the power of Love and passion burning in my heart. I have never enjoyed a project so much.

I cannot express enough appreciation for the  geniuses and trainers at the iStore in Edmonton Southgate, particularly Anthony, Shayne and Dano who are always patient and have the answers to my glitches! I could not have gotten this far without you!

There is a great story that happened in one of my monthly jumps that is too amazing not to tell here. My iPhone got water damaged and while the phone still worked, I couldn’t see anything on the screen. I could not afford to replace it so I got the idea to ask Steve if he could swing a favor and get me one. He took me to an iStore in Disneyland in an imaginary jump, where I saw a pillar that had a clear glass case like those you see in a museum that protect jewels, only a beautiful iPhone 4s lay on the velvet shelf. Steve said, “Say the magic words and it is yours.” I jokingly said, “I guess it’s not as easy as ‘Abracadabra’?” He said nothing so I tired that word and nothing happened. After my second failed attempt he said, “You know this”. That day I had begun working on another website called iPowerPlace.com and so I said, “iPower“! The glass case lifted and I reached in and took the iPhone and held it in my hand. I could FEEL that phone! I looked up at him grinning and thanked him. I priced them out when I got back to “earth” and the one I wanted was $700. Two weeks later, my sister called me to say that I needed to be able to communicate with her often about my parents so she said, “I want you to go out today and buy the latest iPhone and I will pay for it.” The very next day, I held that iPhone in my hand and it felt as real as when I held it in my imagination!  I find this so absolutely amazing and beyond believable, so I will understand if any of my readers find this stuff too crazy! When I touched the earth’s crust, I FELT it spring back like a light touch on the crust of pudding. I still cannot get over that!

Remember when I said Steve had built himself a treehouse one for each of his kids, but not for Laurene?  Well I got to see why in another jump and I was amazed at what I saw. I will have to find a place to tell those stories and when I do, I’ll update this site.

Because of Steve’s mentoring, money has increased in my life. I had doubled my income the first month I began my imaginary jumps, which wasn’t hard as I made $300 from a very part time job. The $600 went to $900 the next month, then $1500, then $2000 then the next month I got $5,000!  It levelled off to $2,000.  Then I discovered my car had been paid off by the bank (another unbelievably amazing story but true) and I got more income tax back than I was expecting along with a larger gift so that two months  ago, I had $12,000 in my bank account in one month!  

I say all this for one reason. I began these jumps to thank Steve for giving my family an amazing virtual education. Then I got the idea to ask him to mentor me. I did not plan at the time to have these made public. As each jump went beyond my imagination I knew I had to share them, so I made a decision that I could do this ONLY if Steve’s mentoring produced tangible results in my life, especially finances and a love for marketing my writings. I can tell you that this has happened. No one is more surprised or grateful than me!

Other adventures await. If you want to tune in to a parallel dimension near you and hear about them, then all you have to do is leave a comment below or email me at: customerservice@lovebenefits.com 

Thank you for being part of this incredible adventure with me! 

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Choice Points

Choice Points

When Steve appeared, I knew his message would be about choice points that the end of an age brings.

I was instantly on a roatating teeter totter with him. Planet Earth served as the fulcrum while we rode and at the same time spun toward something.

He began:

The world is teetering on simple choices. There is always a choice in each day that will lift ourselves up or drop us down. The time has come to think of these little choices as global choices.

This has nothing to do with a religious, scientific or political system, or any system of belief or tenant of faith. The message is so simple a child could teach it if they had the words to explain how emotions work.

This is about connecting to a feeling of gratefulness. It is powerful.

By the way, let me be clear. This has nothing to do with sin and punishment. That’s a human story. God doesn’t punish. Humans punish themselves and then others put that attribute on God when they lose their way in negative emotions.

If you are in a giant maze, but don’t know you are in a maze, then you will be confused the first time you find a dead end wall in front of you. This wasn’t supposed to happen. You could become frustrated and complain, “Why me?” and then angrily turn around and try to find a different way. That way would lead to another dead end because you don’t  know you are in a maze.

You will need a higher view point to see that it’s a maze first of all, and then to see your way out. What questions did you ask Marilyn when you got stuck?”

I was a little surprised he would stop his message and ask me this question. I thought about the questions I’ve asked before, “Where am I? Have I missed something here? Something I’ve not understood? If so, please show me the way out.” While these questions got me turned around, I still didn’t know I was in a maze at all. As I began to embrace a different possibility, I asked different questions: “WHO am I? Is this all illusion? If so, what is the purpose of the illusion? If so, why am I in this story and how do I end it and start another chapter, or a whole new book? How do I wake up?” Then when I began to wake up, I noticed I kept falling asleep so my next question was, “How do I stay awake?”

Steve nodded and continued,

What is so beautiful about this process is that you don’t have to have the right beliefs to find answers. Belief will not get you to Truth. This is a big wake up call for the religions of the world.

In order to ask a question, you don’t have to believe in God or any power or force beyond you. If you ask open ended, life affirming questions, then immediately the heart beams it out to the brain and it produces the chemicals that bring a new idea to you. The heart is key though. It is the place of inspiration which means, ‘spirit within’. This happens every time, for everyone, not just those who have the right belief. If you haven’t already noticed, all claim to have the right and only belief, and yet, all are different, which makes their truth suspect right there.

We have a choice everyday to go within and temporarily suspend any belief and anything that is going in on our world and ask a new question. Those who choose to stay a victim of their circumstance teeter on a path to personal suffering which will affect their family, their associates and community.

Those who choose simple practices that give them a feeling of gratefulness, even if that is for only 10 minutes a day, begin to feel happy and fulfilled.  This feeling radiates out to their world. This is simple stuff. Children live this. They can be upset at someone or something one moment and a few minutes later are laughing and playing happily. Children teeter totter with an array of emotions without judgment, which is why they realign themselves again to the ones that feel good.

These powerful choices may at first seem like nothing more than a choice to see suffering in a different way, which may not seem like much of a choice. However, that little choice is more powerful than you know. Scientists are beginning to see it and calculate it.

When you play with feelings of  gratefulness, appreciation, compassion and peace, you will want more. One day you look out and your whole world has changed. You are ready for anything, even death. Death is a new beginning to a world you cannot see yet.

I thought of the story his sister Mona told of his death. Steve had called for her to come but expressed sadness that she might not make it in time. Yet, when she arrived at his bedside, she saw him and his wife in loving play with each other. She got to say her goodbyes. Then she had the honor of seeing her brother’s choice to courageously fight for one more breath because he wanted to feel each and every one fully to the end. When he caught a glimpse of the new beginning in the next world, it was so magnificent that he uttered two simple words, three times. They were words of utter joy and appreciation, “Oh Wow. Oh Wow. Oh Wow.”

Steve made creative, powerful choices all his life and entered a whole new world of amazing possibilities as he left this life.

Death is not the end. Never has been or will be. It is always an invitation for a new beginning. What we choose now will affect our future choices. The good news is that there is always time to change, even as the clock counts down.

I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to spend time today to feel appreciation for my life and everything in it. When I hit another wall, I already know that I have all I need within to find a way over it, under it or through it. The reason is because the wall is illusion. Walls are only my stories of limitation. Steve’s life and death remind me to live a story of unlimited possibilities.

And now, with tears filling my eyes, I say goodbye to Steve. I don’t even want to get off the teeter totter so I move to the middle and so does he. He hugs me and kisses each side of my face and then both of us lift off to continue our adventure in our own worlds.

I’ve had the thrill of a lifetime being able to fly, dance, swim, explore and teeter with Steve Jobs in a parallel universe. My words are simple and exploding with appreciation…..

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Note: I had wanted to have all posts published by the anniversary of Steve’s death, October 5, 2012. I’m a year late!  Today is October 5, 2013 so I get  second chance!  I press “publish” on this final post with so much appreciation for Steve, Mona, Apple and this imaginary journey. It’s been an “out of this world” experience!

Note: I got all emotional when I pressed “publish”.  I left my hand on the button for a few moments after. Then I noticed the time: 5:55 on the 5th!

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Steve’s Family and Colleagues

Steve’s Family and Colleagues

My great honor today was in being able to be part of a gathering that consisted of Steve’s family and colleagues.

When I saw Steve, he was flying like Superman, only he was all in white with a white cape fluttering behind him. Jumping on a cloud, we rode it like a magic carpet. When we wanted to get off, we simply hung off the end of the cloud and dropped right down onto our picnic table by the beach.

I became aware of people on the beach, first a lady to my right who was with a few others, then a lady to my left. Then more began to gather, both men and women, in a half circle around the table.

I then realized who they were. Laurene was with her children and she came to sit down beside me on my right and Mona came to sit on my left side. We exchanged a warm hello. Steve’s colleagues and team members then gathered around.

I went around to each one and introduced myself, aware that I felt uncomfortable at being the centre of attention. Steve stood watching from the side. I knew Steve had a message for them and I was wondering when he would speak. When he did, I was surprised to discover that it was through me. He beamed his thoughts to me and I spoke them.  He wanted each of them to know of this simple way they could connect to him.

Burt Goldman has one of the simplest and easiest programs to learn this method of getting into altered brain waves and Gregg Braden has the science to show what the power of appreciation can do. When I added this comment, I glanced over at Steve to make sure I was delivering the message right. He was beaming. So I continued to share that by doing what comes naturally for children, we can change inner programming and deliver a whole new message to our bodies and to our world.

Then Steve stepped in. “I want you to be happy. I want you to expand your vision. This is why I gathered you, to hear Marilyn speak.” I blushed.

Everyone gathered in for a group hug. As we hugged each other, the feeling of appreciation amplified so much I thought my heart would burst. We are on to something here. Thank you Gregg. Thank you Burt. 

Then Steve, who was in the middle of the group, went up into the air. My mind recalled the scriptures of how Jesus left the earth after his resurrection and I thought, “Oh really? You have to leave like this?” Before I could continue my little protest, he showed me that it definitely wasn’t the same. He took off like Superman with his cape waving behind him. All of us laughed at his craziness.

Perhaps he was off to share superman powers with someone else in another dimension. Perhaps he was simply demonstrating how to be childlike and have fun imagining.

We all stayed together on the beach as no one wanted to leave. Eventually, I came back to write out the message.

Note:  I am still waiting for the affiliate link that will take you to these two people that I’ve named here. Burt Goldman’s course is pure magic. Gregg Braden’s is pure science. The combo is an out of this world adventure. I’ll update this post as soon as I hear from Mission Control!

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Visit to iPlanet

Visit to iPlanet

Steve came along on my right side as soon as I jumped saying, “I have something to show you.”  

I saw the North Star and wondered if we would see it up close, but we flew past the west side of it. Before I started the jump this morning, I knew I wanted to visit his iplanet, and at this point, I got excited that this is where he was probably taking me.

Out of thin air, a beautiful soft glowing opaque ball appeared. As we hovered around the outer edges he said, “Here is my brand new planet. It is for me to create whatever I want.”  I had pictured him standing there and calling it “LET THERE BE LIGHT” but I don’t think this planet began from a dark void. He smiled saying, “The Light of God is everywhere.”

As we dropped down, I saw a bit of green and realized it was trees, giant trees with very soft leaves. I saw a small roof with beautiful lines and made of old lumber. Oh my gosh, it was a tree house! All the material of the universe and Steve duplicates the look of weathered planks of wood!

We entered hrough the dormer window casings in the loft and went down the staircase to the main floor. I guessed the dimensions to be 15×20 feet. By the front door was a rope that was knotted at intervals all the way down (which were for climbing back up he told me later). It was a long way down. As I looked out, there were other platforms in the trees surrounding us. He told me they were for each of his kids and that he would build them the way they wanted. He looked at me and said, “Tell them they can send me their designs if they want.”

Attached to every platform were a series of ropes and vines. We could swing all over or we could slide down, as I now saw a giant slide to the left of the knotted rope. This slide makes the screamer slides at West Edmonton Mall look tame! Of course, we took that way down. I screamed all the way down and at the bottom there was a pond. Instead of splashing into it, we slid right over the top of it like we were on a magic carpet. On the other side, I saw he had made a beautiful pathway to walk around the pond. He said he stocked it with fish and he had some fishing poles nearby that were tree sticks with string attached. I bent down to feel the path and it was a fine, whitish gravel-type material.

Walking through some trees, we came into a clearing, where I saw he was building something big. While he didn’t directly say what it was for, I picked up that it would have a lot to do with education and perhaps a broadcasting station. But I’ll have to wait and see.

It was time to leave iPlanet and head back to earth. I glanced back and saw the tops of the trees where his tree house was now hidden.

On the way back I asked him questions about what would happen if Laurene would meet someone else. I wondered because I had not seen a tree house for her. He replied, “Laurene does not belong to me. She belongs to herself. Only when we fully belong to ourselves can we be a soul mate for another. One day she may meet another who will come from the One. She will know to follow her own inspiration. Her happiness is my happiness.”

We hovered by the portal of my quantum door. Last night I had been listening to a work by Gregg Braden and was blown away by the information, especially what the emotions of appreciation and compassion can do in our body and in the world.  These emotions are the best preparation for the ending of two great ages December 21, 2012.  I realized I wouldn’t get to ask him about that and the reason I thought of it now was because my heart was so full of appreciation for the time I’m living in and being able to experience these adventures.

Reading my mind Steve said, “Marilyn, the reason you don’t have this same feeling (of appreciation) for the book you are writing is because you are writing from your thoughts. In comparison, the reason you are bursting with joy over this project is because you are writing stories from imagination and inspiration. You feel you are made for this. Your book material is from past fragments and you are having to dust them off like an archeologist, which is why it is gruelling for you. Eventually, your written words will lead to you being able to speak your message. Think of this as your attempt to write it, and this will help you find the joy.”

Wow, that helped me. I came back here amazed that while most of the jump was about discovering Steve’s new world and planet, he still had a word at the end that put my world into perfect perspective. He’s an amazing mentor.

As he opened the door for me he had one final word. “Gregg Braden’s material is important. He is preparing the world for a new age.”

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When I met up with Steve, I told him that I had seen his face on a brand new book when I was shopping. (Walter Isaacson’s biography, Steve Jobs) I did even know a book was in the works, nor did I want to read anything before I finished our 30 days together, but as I held the book in my hand, I decided to open one page at random.


I picked the page that described a feisty Steve reacting to one of his colleagues. This was new information to me. I had not known who Steve Jobs actually was until I had read Mona Simpson’s eulogy, so I had not known that he was anything but a kind and loving man. I got quite a surprise as I read about a huge power struggle between Steve and a man whose last name was Smith. Steve was acting like a bully and I was shocked.

So during this jump, I said smiling, “You had quite the temper I see!”  I happen to be from an Irish background and like it when my heroes are also real humans who have strong emotions.  I continued, “Seems you gave Smith a lot of stress.”

Steve responds, “Correction.  I gave myself a lot of stress and in so doing, passed it on to him and to others.”  Since I did not know If Walter Isaacson’s account was authorized or whether this particular scene actually happened, I produced a toy microphone, held it near his mouth and asked if he wanted to comment publicly.

I couldn’t hear any words, but I knew something was being said.  I got the idea to go close so I could hear his thoughts. I could! I was about to broadcast the message I heard when Steve spoke in words. He was standing behind me now and said, “I send these words through my channel….” And when he said the word “channel” I felt uncomfortable and told him so.  He acknowledged my discomfort and replied, “The way I’m using the word is like someone listening to a channel on a T.V. or radio.” “Okay”, I replied then asked him, “Then why don’t we name your channel?  Have you been given a planet up here that you can broadcast from?”

“Why yes, I do” he responded.  “Does it have a name?”  I asked.  He seemed deep in thought like he was trying to think of a good name just for this post.  I began thinking of names out loud and then I said, “What about iplanet?  Has anyone taken that domain name yet?”  I jumped back into my world of form and googled the word and saw that it was already taken.  Reading the headlines, I discovered that it was a broadcasting station on earth.  I clicked on the very first link and my heart did a leap.  I saw this logo and title:

iPlanet 30: Thank You, Steve

Pic iPlanetThere was a link to an article on the sadness of his passing. When I saw the “byte” out of the apple on the image, I searched everywhere to see if this was part of the Apple company or if this was an independent.  The apple was on every image I could find, so I’m going to guess that Steve was involved somehow.  (Right now I can see Steve laughing as I’m connecting the dots)

There was a place to leave comments and it said, “Be the first to leave a comment”.  I couldn’t believe my fabulous timing.  Of course I wanted to leave a comment, which would show reference to both iPlanets at the same time.  Here is what I wrote:

I am writing a series of blog posts in tribute to Steve Jobs which will be released when completed and when his family has had a chance to read them first.
You will find an interesting reference to “iPlanet” in today’s post (Nov. 27th) about a broadcast from an iPlanet in a quantum field. Stay tuned.

What an adventure I am having.  I could stay all day doing cool stuff like this with Steve, but sadly, I have to leave for work.  But not before I share the words of Steve’s broadcast:

I send these words through my channel:  When I forgot to be kind to myself, my inner world became stressed and that stress was released into my outer world.  My dear colleague mirrored that back to me perfectly and I am grateful for his courage to get in my face and spar with me.  I want him to know I appreciate him and how grateful I am for the role he played in my life.

Note: At the time of this writing two years ago, I thought that Mona Simpson would be the one to read these writings and determine if they were a tribute to her brother or not, and if so, would pass them on to his family. When I shared this with someone I knew, I received a huge backlash. He wrote to family members and said I was schizophrenic and that I needed help. My daughter responded to his long email saying that she too has fun with her imagination so that must make her schizophrenic too! She was furious. I just laughed. Wow, it really rattles people when a person goes beyond the status quo! I can only feel for the past geniuses like Tesla, Einstein, Russell, HIll and myriads of other creative people who were accused of being crazy because they listened to their inner world and played with their imagination. I am not putting myself in their company at all, however, I feel what they must have gone through as they were well known and very public. I am not, yet I had a huge backlash! In the end, this backlash helped me because I realized I was looking to someone else to decide what would happen with these writings. I believe that what I wrote is a tribute to Steve Jobs and makes for a fun and imaginative story, therefore, I need no one else to agree or give me their blessing. One day these writings may reach a larger audience and if they do, I only hope that it will inspire others to use their imagination, play and create things the world has never seen before!

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Only 10 Minutes

Only 10 Minutes

I only had 10 minutes to meet with Steve today, as I had my granddaughter Cora over and would be driving her home soon. I’ve never had a time limit, so it felt a little strange. When Steve came into view, the first thing I let him know was that I wrote for well over an hour the night before on my book just because I wanted to have a positive report for him. I really did not want to open it up. I knew that most of my time would be in edits and that lots of my work would end up being cut or re-written. But I did get some new content in and I felt the thrill of accomplishment.

My interest, however, is with these blogs and it takes up any spare time I have. Now that we are coming to the end of November, I brought up the subject of a possible release date and how that would be done.

I asked, “Do I write a letter to your sister and simply tell her how much I loved the eulogy she wrote and that it inspired me to do my own writings? Then let her know about these posts and that I’d like to send them to her? Or, do I write a letter of introduction and send her 31 documents to read and ask her to let me know what she thinks? Or publish the eulogy and first blog so she can see the theme and let her know I have one for each day if she is interested? Do I email her or write her and  if so, how would I find her address? Why would she even listen to me?”

I ended by saying, “Too bad you don’t have a calling card that I could show her.” Then I noticed a business card in Steve’s left hand. I exclaimed, “You do have a card!” I began to wonder how a card out here would show up in the world of form. He took the card and put it in the right inside pocket of his shirt. As his hand crossed over his body, I noticed he was wearing an unbuttoned shirt over his T shirt. It was a good quality cotton long sleeved shirt that had a white and royal blue weave. I also noticed he was wearing his wedding band. It looked like a plain gold, rounded band and it showed me that even in this dimension, he considered himself married!

I didn’t see more of the business card, but what I remember was a black background with a gold whirlpool like image. Steve said, “Cora is waiting to play,” and just then I heard, “Grammy, let’s play”.  Instantly, I was back in “real” time.

Note:  I searched hundreds of images for the one I saw on that business card, but did not find it. I still see what it looks like almost 2 years later!

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Word Got Out

Word Got Out

I saw  three more people hovering in the sky in my jump today and  before Steve came into my view I heard him say loudly, “Word got out! I have a few more students now.”I said, “Wow, after these posts get published, you are going to have your own university out here.”

I thought of all the questions I could ask Steve about the big things. Do I want to know more about that new huge star named the Pistol and why it was showing up now? Do I want to know more of the codes to program perfect health, wealth or love or anything into the human body and human game here on earth? Do I want to ask a question about my projects? Do I want to ask about the material I’m listening to from Gregg Braden on the meaning of the end of this age of December 21, 2012? Yes. That one holds quite a bit of interest for me.

Steve said, “Gregg asks great questions. The answers he is getting are fascinating. It is no secret that everything is a cycle. Figuring out the cycles is a fun game on earth. You know that in this dimension, there is no time/space. You are not going to have to give your readers any spoiler warnings either. As humans, we wanted to feel what it was like to live with limitation, time being one of them. None of us wanted to know how the story would turn out. We all wanted a movie full of twists and turns. Sometimes we figure out a certain twist and anticipate it. Through it all, we experience different feelings. In Oneness, everyone knows the end of the story before it begins. On earth, you get to experience it a day at a time.”

He continued, “This is what I would do with the 2012 cycle. If it were me, I would plan for the end of this world as we know it. I lived my life that way and it worked for me. Part of being human is to feel limitation. You can use limitation to your benefit. From the dimension out here, it is all illusion. On earth, you’ve made everything matter. By making it “matter” you made it look real, sound real and feel real. That’s what you needed the creation of time for, to slow down molecules and make them appear in form. ‘The word became flesh and dwelt among us’.  Everything you see is a creation in someone’s imagination first and then confidence to flesh out the ideas.

What would you create if you knew that you had just over a year to live? Where would your world be at the end of this great age if everyone spent just one hour everyday living passionately? Passionately loving the people around them, passionately working on a project, knowing time would run out soon. One hour not watching T.V., playing video games or texting on their iPhones. I created that device to connect people. Connecting people is cool. Texting others while you are with your friends or family? Not cool. The best present you can give is your full presence. Use technology to connect to people, information and projects that make you feel fulfilled. That feeling of fulfillment is wonderful. Don’t miss it. If you lived today with a feeling that there was an end in sight, what would you start? What would you finish? What would you do to leave your mark, your legacy in this great age?”

As I typed those words out, I saw all kinds of people leaving comments on this blog post or even beginning their own blogs to share what they want to do before they leave this world. I saw comments that said, “I did it and I’m on to the next.” “Check!” “I feel fulfilled, I count, I have purpose.” “I love others with more patience and understanding,” and on and on.

Steve added, “If each one would have one hour of focused time just once every day, where would the world be in December of next year? It would look like a different world. It would BE a different world.

At this point, a question came up from one who was hovering. We both glanced over. Steve smiled. He said, “I get to answer him and be with you, for both occupy the same time/space out here. You will all get to experience that in due time. So while you have time, connect, really connect to the one you are with. Love the one you’re with. Love, love, love.”

“Marilyn, go back now and spend an hour in your book. That hour might take it over the finish line.”

I smiled as I left realizing Steve Jobs job was just beginning all over again!

Note:  The end of 2 great ages did happen on the same day, December 21, 2012. One was a 5,125 year age and the other was the end of the complete cycle of astrology. The end of a cycle does not mean the end of the world, but the end of an age. Gregg Braden’s research sheds more light on what this all means. How wonderful it would be if we all chose to “Love, love, love” as we begin this great new age!

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Simple Desire

Simple Desire

My simple desire for these jumps is to meet with Steve Jobs, the creative genius, and try to have some of his passion and success rub off on me.  At some point I’m expecting these jumps to be normal, playful imaginings that don’t involve religion, science, new discoveries or anything that could have a lot of people in a big huff.

When he surprised me and said “Yes”, I also discovered that my documentation of these visits was something he desired from me, so that his wife, children and sister would know of the fun and fulfilling life he was having in this realm beyond the grave.

I am not a psychic and least of all a medium. Such things were considered grave dangers in my religious training. I am not a visionary either, as I usually can only see today. I am an Imaginary. I allow still time for my imagination to take me wherever “It” wants to go.

I’ve also just recently become a quantum jumper. A man in his 80’s, Burt Goldman, taught this practice to me and I was hooked. I could never get into meditation. It was too complicated and I couldn’t sit and think of nothing. My mind was full of things that I wanted to consider and play with. Through Burt, I got to connect to this wonderful game with my Twin self in other dimensions.

Prior to that, it was John Gray who shared a simple technique that instantly put me in the feeling place of God. I sat still and waited until I could feel each one of my finger tips vibrate with living energy as I said, “God (Jesus, Spirit, Angels, Guides, Mother, Father) my heart is open to you. Please come and sit in my heart and have tea with me.” Then I took a journal and began to write down every word I heard. At first, I thought they were all my thoughts. Then it began to dawn on me that Someone else was communing with me.

I had prayed for years and many times I prayed for an hour or more at a time, but seldom did I hear back, though I did get flashes of insight. I knew the Kingdom of God was open to me. I knew in theory, that anything I wanted was available. I just had to find a way to get it from the world of nothing into the world of form.  The few times it happened I labeled it a “miracle”.  Then the next time, when the miracle did not happen, I wondered what I was missing.

There were times in these written discourses that God dictated and I was writing as fast as I could, many times calling out “Hold it” until I could catch up. I filled dozens of journals. If I went back to read one that was a year before, I marveled at how much I had gone past those concepts. Soon, I saw that what I wrote just a week previous was now old news.

Perhaps, this is part of the fear I have when I sit down to re-read any of these posts and the struggle I had just to edit and format the first few. Which is why, I just realized now very clearly, I needed a terrific professional assistant.  I asked my daughter and she accepted!

This brings me to today’s meeting with Steve. It began last night when I realized I needed a domain name that had his name in it, and I spent a bit of time before bed coming up with one name after another. ALL of them were taken. I checked out the URL’s and many were bought by Apple and set up as places of remembrance or to list new Apple products. Others were individuals who wanted to give people a place to write their tributes. I spent hours reading them. I was so thankful for the people who have done this.

And that’s when my desire to have Steve’s name in the domain title really clicked. Many of these people were googling Steve Jobs name to find more news of his life and his creations so they could mourn or feel inspired. If I do my SEO correctly, then my blog posts will show up high in the rankings and they will be found by those wanting to hear this different story of Steve Jobs. One domain name was available that might fit, so that is what I wanted to talk to Steve about today in our jump.

Or I should say “swim” because that is what I did right out of the gate. I jumped into water and found Steve deep sea diving, only without the equipment. As I swam along beside him, I realized I was running out of air and had to surface. He sent a thought transfer which was “breathe”. I wondered how I would breathe underwater and he said, “Be the Breath.” I became Breath Itself and could stay under the water.

The rest of our talking was all done by telepathy. I wanted to make sure I’d used the right word so I looked it up and almost every reference was about technical internet communication protocols that Steve could understand, but not me. I needed the basic simple version.

I found it in Wikipedia. The link at the top,from the founder, Jimmy Wales, caught my attention:

Google might have close to a million servers. Yahoo has something like 13,000 staff. We have 679 servers and 95 staff. Wikipedia is the #5 site on the web and serves 450 million different people every month, with billions of page views. Commerce is fine. Advertising is not evil. But it doesn’t belong here. Not in Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is something special. It is like a library or a public park. It is like a temple for the mind. It is a place we can all go to think, to learn, to share our knowledge with others. When I founded Wikipedia, I could have made it into a for-profit company with advertising banners, but I decided to do something different. We’ve worked hard over the years to keep it lean and tight. We fulfill our mission, and leave waste to others.

If everyone reading this donated $10, we would only have to fundraise for one day a year. But not everyone can or will donate. And that’s fine. Each year just enough people decide to give. This year, please consider making a donation of $10, $20, $30 or whatever you can to protect and sustain Wikipedia.

Thanks, Jimmy Wales
Wikipedia Founder

I include it here because I’m quite sure Steve would like others to see Jimmy’s “for passion and not for profit” message. I’m sure he has other business that profit. This is his gift to the world.

This, coincidentally, fits fabulously with the revelation I had towards the end of this jump with Steve.

Back to the jump with Steve. Telepathically now, we talked about how important it is to know our personal power as a citizen of the Universe. Steve and I were talking about raising our children in a way that they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have dominion over themselves. It is a birth right. Leaders know how to make a way when there seems no way. Victims think the power lies with someone else or some agency.

By now we had left the water and I found myself in a large ornate room, sitting on one of three steps that led up to a throne-like chair of deep rich reddish purple. I noticed the ceramic tiling on the stairs.  I don’t like ceramic. I grinned and motioned for Steve to watch my magic trick. “Abracadabra” and the floor and stairs became a gorgeous white polished marble with gold specs and I sat down there.  He smiled and asked why I was sitting on the stairs of my throne room when I could be sitting on the throne. That’s when I realized where we were. It was the throne room of my castle!

Gingerly, I proceeded up the stairs and sat down on the throne.  Steve had no place to sit, so I asked for my team to bring him a throne too, and one appeared. I turned the chairs to face each other and this is when I noticed that Steve was wearing his black T Shirt, jeans and running shoes. This was the first time I remember seeing him in his jeans in my visions, and of all places, it is in the ornate throne room. It fit perfectly. He took off his shoes and sat crossed legged on the chair.

“Marilyn, I find it interesting that you would feel you could not occupy your rightful place in your own castle.” “I know,” I replied. “I’ve been thinking about that myself. There still must be a carry over in my neurotransmitters back to the time when religion taught me to get off the throne of my life and surrender to God.”

In the “4 Spiritual Laws” booklet, there are pictures of the little human surrendering to the big God and moving over to the floor while God takes His place on the throne. It took me years to see that God doesn’t want to occupy that spot. He created me to be One with him and to accept my key to the Kingdom and to take my place. God’s place is everywhere.  He occupies everyspace, everywhere, all the time! Religion is  about giving up divine rights and power. Religious leaders cannot control people unless people gave up their God given power.

Thankfully, God is not in the business of controlling humans. We have the most treasured gift of free choice. I am a “Free Choice Agent”. (I put this line in for my kids to get a good laugh at an inside joke.)

So this is what it felt like to sit on the throne of my life! Steve had been encouraging me to expand into my self, my divinity and my message.

It was time for my question of the day, “What would be the perfect domain name that included your name for these blogposts?” As we sat face to face on those large, gorgeous velvet chairs, I mentioned that one I liked was still available: honorstevejobs.com but it didn’t make me jump up and down. Then I said, “I wish I could get SteveJobsJob.com because mentoring me is one of your accepted “jobs” in this dimension and it’s a play on your name and sounds interesting.

Right then, I realized I had not tried that name last night. I jumped back into this realm, ran to the computer and went to a domain registry site. I typed in: stevejobsjob.com and it was available and I bought it!!!

I went back into the throne room. “I got it!” I exclaimed. His response took me by surprise. “Well if it’s a job, am I getting paid for it?” Of course. He had to be paid. I thought of the tithe, the first 10% of earnings to go to the source of inspiration. I saw myself setting aside that 10th and using it for something to advance the world. But what?

Steve said, “Education,” and his answer set off a chain of pictures that made up a very large vision that went way beyond my imagination. Education is one of my passions. I believe the world is ready to go within and awaken to their innate power to create and enjoy the world from the human game viewpoint, instead of being enmeshed in the daily grind. It brings to mind a scripture, “Be in the world, but not of it.”

Steve said, “You know who is ready?” I said out loud, “The children”. Children have an active imagination until traditional education puts a damper on it.

Steve said, “Yes, Albert was right when he said the educational system teaches children to look for the right answer. True education is to prompt the children to ask the right question so they can discover the answer.”  (He was referring to Albert Einstein).

Monies will be pooled to train children how to fish so they will never go hungry or without again. I thought I heard Steve say that Neale and dozens of other world leaders will join this venture. (meaning Neale Donald Walsch).

Children will begin to own their power and choose good food for mind and body and challenge adults who aren’t making their health and well being a priority. I thought of another truth, “And a little child will lead them”.

I thought, “I will need more than one domain name. The .com name is for these blogs. I will need one for the not for profit educational vision. I jumped back in real time to check if stevejobsjob.org was available. It was and I purchased it too.

Then I thought of someone who would give their right arm to be part of a project like this, someone who loves drawing up organizational structures, but with whom I wasn’t currently in sync with. I wondered if I was being too controlling by not including him when Steve jumped in, “Don’t be afraid of controlling your creation. If you don’t know one will. (Ironically, that is exactly what this other person said years ago when he fought to get out of controlling religion)! “If you get someone who later doesn’t fit in, you let them go and imagine another to fill that place.”

Steve had just touched on a new way of creating in this hologram that I and my daughter were discovering:

1. Make a decision

2. Imagine it happening

This in sharp and simple contrast to the Law of Attraction that is being taught about how to create by thinking it, speaking it and feeling it.  This wasn’t about following a bunch of rules and then coming up with a bunch of excuses when creations did not manifest.  This was about something so simple that a child can do it.

I was so inspired that I wanted to immediately begin deciding other aspects of my life and then spend some time imagining them.

Note: That is exactly what I did and it was so profound that I dedicated the whole month of January 2012 making decisions rather than resolutions.  Each day, I woke up and made a decision, then went into a jump to imagine it happening.  I made 31 decisions, one for each day and I was absolutely shocked and delighted at the outcome.  More than half of my decisions appeared (manifested, materialized) easily and effortlessly, sometimes within the same day.  I have to tell somebody about this.  Oh right, I’m telling you!)

Note: I am also amazed at the synchronicity of events now that I’m publishing these posts almost 2 years later. Today in my Love Benefits post, a 9 month blogging journey to experiment with the power of Love, I mentioned how grateful I am to have such a rich imagination. I said, “I am an Imaginary”. http://lovebenefits.com/22/ Then tonight, I’m doing final touchups on this discourse, and this is the post where I first declared that I am an Imaginary. Then there is the timing synchronicity: that today is the 22nd in which I had another jump with Steve. It has become my most magical day!

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Financial Changes

Financial Changes

Twenty-three days into November, and I’m showing some significant financial changes, but I didn’t even notice them until Steve pointed them out later in this jump.

Standing on the threshold of my quantum door, I looked down and immediately saw Steve, who was beckoning with his fingers to come. As I jumped, I imagined being on a trapeze high in the air and jumping in faith that my partner below would catch me. He did of course. It was perfect, for I had come into the jump feeling heavy about some things.

After sharing in detail what some of my anxieties  were, I looked at him and asked, “Do I record ALL the long conversations we have and all the different things that happen out here? While this is so cool, it will turn out to be very long narratives, and most people are just going to want to scan through it and get to the part where you speak.”

Steve sent a thought wave to me and I had the answer to my question.  I could take large parts of my meetings  and condense them into a narrative paragraph. I loved the idea, and so by the time I finished editing this particular post, much of my writings hit the cutting floor.

The other thing I had to talk to Steve about was my double fear that

1) This blog would come to nothing as it wasn’t interesting to anyone else but me

2) Or the complete opposite: that it would set off something I wouldn’t be able to stop and my old fears of wanting to remain hidden would come back.

Steve’s reply at the end of it was, “It is what it is,” and then he added, “Breathe”.

Right! I took a deep breath.  Steve continued, “The challenge in the human game is to take infinity which is limitless space and no time and condense it down into small parts, then fit those into time with precision, much like a time piece. It is a work of art. While that may seem impossible, may I remind you that you’ve been given all you need. Anytime you feel you are inadequate, go within and you will connect to the All.”

Then before my eyes he turned into a magician, complete with a wand, top coat and hat. “The gift I will produce for you is a feeling. You want to feel inspired again. ‘Abracadabra’!” When he pulled his hand out, he threw a sparkly substance on me and then vanished into thin air.

I came back to here to write this down and when I got to the last part about the feeling, I stopped to feel if I was now feeling better.  Not much.  Then I heard Steve’s voice speaking to me from afar. You came to me to help you move yourself forward in your projects and to help you earn money. Take a look at what you’ve done financially in just this past 23 days. You started out in October with a $600 a month part time job. November came, and you were given extra hours for another $300, then you received a $200 bonus, a $200 finder’s fee for finding great tenants, a few small cleaning jobs for $200 and your cleaning contract was accepted by a business that will even pay you more if you go over your anticipated hours! You’ve almost tripled your income and November is not over yet!”

I was shocked. I began this post feeling overwhelmed that nothing would come of this or many things in my life, and I end this dialogue feeling overwhelmed at how much I have accomplished. How did I not notice?

One thing’s for sure. His sparkly, magical dust did the trick.

Note: December was Christmas month where one job was closed for 2 weeks and the other for a week.  Yet magically, I made more money than the previous month.  Then in January of 2012 I had earned more than 4 times, February more than 5 times and then it levelled out to around $2,000 a month. What is fascinating is that none of this income is from my books or internet marketing yet.  I’m absolutely amazed!

Note:  One year and 11 months later, my finances are nothing short of miraculous. My boss got fired from the showhome job and I was immediately asked to work for another company for the same 3 days, but this time, I am alone, which means I get to work on all my writing and marketing projects!  I get paid to write! Probably the most amazing and unbelievable story is my car that I had purchased two years previous.Most people cannot believe what happened. I still pinch myself! You can read about it at: http://lovebenefits.com/operation-clean-sweep/. The story then continues 2 months later at: http://lovebenefits.com/sold-to-the-right-person-for-the-right-price/

However, the opportunities that have come my way since then is the stuff of magic! I just got a Developer’s Licence from Apple to make my own App for my subscription based Magazine that will be available on iTunes Newsstand in the near future. It all began when Steve “told” me in a meeting to go seek out Brendan Bouchard. I had not done that back then, and realized in that moment, these writings are timeless as they took place outside of time and space! So that meant the message was for me right now. I acted and I’m now in the most exciting career, other than motherhood, of my life! I am finally getting to share my Message on Love in a new niche market that just happens to be owned by Apple!

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